Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day I Went To Sentosa

Boxing Day. Ahhh... What a wonderful day. Right.

Woke up at 7.30 and went for church. Then after church, met up with Johnny at Harbourfront MRT station at 12. From there, we proceeded to Sentosa by crossing the long bridge. Halfway through, some Sentosa personnel stopped us and had us go take a bus across because the pedestrian lane was closed up for some building thingy.

So we got on the very crowded bus, reached the island, paid $3 each for entrance fee and took another bus ride to Siloso Beach. Then, we found out that there was no cheap food, so we took a monorail to the ferry terminal for lunch at Burger King. I had a BBQ Turjey Bacon Double meal while he had the Rendang Burger meal. Eat until damn full haha... Then we went back to Siloso beach on foot, through the track.

I changed and went swimming while he read and sun-tanned at the same time. At the beach, I saw really beautiful people, both guys and girls. There was this trio of bodybuilders (I think they were anywyas, judging by their buff bods) and a hot chick who was with them suntanning by the part of the beach I swam in. The guys were practically nude except for their frontal parts as they sun-tanned their asses. A bit overly explicit. then they flexed and did some wierd movement, like some sort of screwed up mating dance. Sorta.

Anywyas, I ended up quite red (Johnny as well). Took a monorail back to the visitors centre (bloody long queue man!) and queued again for the bus back. Overall the trip was quite fun. At least I got to catch up with my buddy a little bit. And my eyes got diabetes (too much eye-candy la you see). Haha...

Had dinner at Grandma's place the got home. Quite frustrated over the first-3-months stuff but what to do? Hope it works out. Sigh... Damn tired today. Tomorrow still going to Sentosa for a 3-day church camp. Whoopee!

Quote of the Day: Don't wait for people to make you happy; Bring happiness to people instead.

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