Friday, December 24, 2004

The Day I Finally Thought It Through

It's Christmas Eve. Wasted my whole morning at the office doing nothing. Then at about 3 went to Hilton with Aunt Step and waited for my parents and the Bong sisters (YY and Fiona). Had High Tea at the coffee house until about 5 plus, then brought Dad to Borders to get Claudia's Christmas present, some female romance novel. Saw Devane but didn't say hi. Then as we left Borders, we saw Leslie Kwok. Man, the guy is like totally beefy! Picked mum up at the office and went home.

Went to church to serve the 9.30 Christmas mass. Had a Pot-Luck dinner before that. Justice actually shaved his head today! Quite cute actually. Never mind. So after mass (and much embaressment due to some of my little glitches. Shan't go into that.), mum and dad sent the Christmas present to Aunt Step (a Nokia 7260. Not very nice...) at her home in Sengkang then we went for supper at Chomp-Chomp. Fried Prawn Mee, Carrot Cake and Ice Jelly Cocktail. Mmmm... Then reached home. And now it's already Christmas Day. So MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!

To Kaworu (if you're reading this at all):

I thought about it the whole of last night and I feel that I have been very selfish all the while so I have to say a very big "Sorry" to you. I've only thought about my own feelings and not yours. It was all about me trying to get you but I never empathised with you. It is my fault. But I guess it's true, what they say about "If you love something, you gotta set it free". I'm happy to say that the times I've spent with you were the best of my life (so far), cos being with me gives me "the feeling" that I cannot put down in words. I'm setting you free from my heart. Thank you for the fond memories. Thank you so, so much. All the best and I certainly hope to see you soon.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes, it's OK to let fate decide.

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