Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Day Of Mugging At Coffee Bean

It was a muggerific day! :D

Woke up late this morning, so I had to forgo my weekly Hospice visit. Went for the Novena at 10 and headed down to the Serangoon Garden's Coffee Bean to study. It felt so much different from Starbucks but it was nontheless very fruitful.

Tammi dropped by to join me at around 3pm, and we studied. And talked. And studied. And bitched. And studied. It was so nice! AND I PLAYED A PRANK ON EMMANUEL! Haha.. Made him feel like I had him stalked by a P.I. (sorry Emma, no hard feelings k?)

After 8 hours straight, my brain turned into mush and we headed to Serangoon Market for dinner. And we had Mr Softee: Chendol for dessert!!!

Shall go for my shower now. Forrest just pee-ed on me. Bleargh...

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