Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Day I Got Kocked Down By A Bicycle

I was walking towards the Bishan MRT this evening along the covered walkway when out of the blue, I heard a loud "EXCUSE MEEEEE!!!" Before I could turn around, I felt a strong impact on my bag (on my right side) which threw me leftwards and onto the concrete pavement. The cyclist didn't even stop to apologise and instead threw me the finger as he continued riding onwards, as though trying to scream "YOU BLIND AH?!?!".

What is to world coming to?

First of all, it's a pedestrian walkway, not cycling track. Pedestrain walkway = For pedastrians who are unfortunately unable to own/ride bicyles like those dimwits. IT'S NOT FOR CYCLISTS.

Secondly, what the hell are the little bells on bicycle handles for? Ring it for attention and to inform the people in front of the bike's path-of-fury to give way to you. If you don't use it, then why do you even have it attached to your bike?

Thirdly, if you've knocked someone down unintentionally while riding through a Pedestrians Only lane, the least you could do is have the decency to stop cycling, get off the damn bike and APOLOGISE. Is "sorry" so hard to say? The worse thing that one can do after making a mistake is to act as though he'd done nothing wrong but instead, blame you for being a hindrance.

Once again, I've been unfortunate enough to meet with such disgusting individuals. It truly makes me sick to see how people can actually be so irresponsible. And to think that Singapore was trying to portray an image of "A Smiling Nation" when the IMF was in Singapore last month. What. A. Joke. I wonder if any of the foreign delegates saw the dark side behind those smiles.

These ugly, disgraceful Singaporeans really need to grow a conscience.

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