Monday, October 16, 2006

The Day I Watched Helen The Baby Fox and Little Miss Sunshine

The two movies I watched last night and this afternoon respectively featured a very wonderful cast of child actors as well as veterans.

Caught Helen the Baby Fox with my parents at home last night. It's a super-duper heartwarming show (even my Dad was moved to tears). The movie revolves around a little boy Taichi, who found a baby fox on his way home from school one day and brought the pup back home to his veterinarian step-father. Later on, they figure out that the little fox is both deaf and blind, and does not have a sense of taste and smell as well. Taichi affectionately names her "Helen" after the world reknown teacher, Hellen Keller.

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If you loved Quill, you'll love Helen the Baby Fox. And the soundtrack's amazing. I want the OST!!! Oh yes, get lots of tissue ready. It's a bawl-fest.

Went to The Cathay with Shaun this afternoon for Little Miss Sunshine.

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It's a nice movie that captured the lives of a dysfunctional American family consisting of a motivational speaker father, an overworked mother, a emo son on a vow-of-silence, a herion-sniffing grandad, a suicidal uncle, and an adorable, four-eyed little girl. The family goes on a road trip to bring their youngest member, Olive, to California for the "Little Miss Sunshine" beauty paegent contest.

Along the way, the crutch of their bus breaks, grandpa dies of a drug overdose, the bus' honk malfunctions (think uncontrollable and annoying "HONKHONKHONK!!!"), and it finishes off with a stripper routine by Olive (who was coached by her late grandpa about the dance moves) and was backed up by the rest of her family.

Hilarious, heartwarming and it makes you stop to think about how you're treating your family and what you really want to do in life. The movie really hit home for me cos the characters all seemed and felt so real, which is quite a rarity nowadays with the influx of mostly terrible and shallow Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood = Blah-ha-ha.

Ok, gotta go back to school now. Mug mug.


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