Monday, October 09, 2006

The Day I Caught John Tucker Must Die & Talk About Selfish Commuters

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The movie can be described in two words: CHICK FLICK.

It's laugh-out-loud funny, slightly sleazy and a very fun, brainless teen comedy. Other than that, it's almost similar to Mean Girls, except with a different premise.

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(1) Girl is a virtual unknown in school
(2) Said girl thrown into school politics unknowingly with 3 hot sluts teaching her the ropes
(3) Girl seduces John Tucker aka Heartthrob-cum-Heartbreaker
(4) Girl successfully manages to break his heart
(5) John Tucker learns his lesson and turns over a new leaf
(6) voila! Happy Ending

That pretty much sums up the whole movie.

On another note, I REALLY CAN'T STAND SINGAPOREANS WHO THINK THEY OWN THE PIECE OF LAND THAT THEY STAND ON NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE. Here's the deal: When you're on escalator and you wanna take your own sweet time to ride the automation, PLEASE JUST STAND ON THE LEFT LIKE HOW THE SIGN IN FRONT OF YOU SAYS SO.

Many Singaporeans are just plainly abominations of mankind sapping off valuable resources from the face of the Earth, I tell you. They block your way when you're in a rush (acting all "I'm sorry but I'm retarded and I can't READ signs that are pasted everywhere on the walls, floors, escalators etc"). And when you say "Excuse me?", THEY "TSSSK." IN YOUR FACE!!!

So much for four million smiles. Honestly, there was really no need to lie for the sake of the IMF's visitation to Singapore. We can smile till our faces cramped up and it wouldn't change what we are, and what we are is just UNFRIENDLY.

Singaporeans should really change their disgusting, uncourteous attitude. It really hinders the country's progress.

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