Monday, October 23, 2006

The Day Of Consultations And Rabbit Attacks

It was a fruitful day of consultations for Econs and Literature today. I think that I'm finally beginning to grasp Econs as a subject. Hopefully I'll be able to pull through it without much difficulty.

Queenie attacked me this evening as I was about to carry her back to her cage from the garden, and now I have a nice scratch across my belly thanks to being shirtless. Stupid me.

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Storm Of The Mind

Dear Former-Friend,

I've thought it through and decided that I shall not be made-used of any further. Friendships require effort and honesty, and for the most part, I haven't been getting any. I have always been honest about my actions and my feelings, yet all you've given me was hesitation and lies. You want people to not hate you, to like you, but what exactly is the point of that? Is appearing to be perfect in the eyes of others such a big deal?

You're neither magnanimous nor empathatic; Stop pretending to be what you're not. It's pathetic, like a silent plea for attention. Do you really think others will never see through that?

Deal with your feelings before leading others into your traps and snares. You evidently do not care about how you make other people feel, but only act for yourself, to protect yourself from harm and problems that you've caused and should be dealing with. All these masks hide your insecurities and your devious schemes. I don't know what you want from me, but I am not going to be your puppet anymore.

Until the day you can be honest with yourself and with others, I'm afraid this is goodbye.

A Friend

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