Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Day After My Dad's Company Family Day

It felt pretty much like a Singaporean going for a Local History lesson yesterday. Here's what we did:

1 - Caught the new Jackie Chan movie Rob-B-Hood. The only memorable thing about the movie is the very adorable baby. And maybe when Louis Khoo called himself "Mummy".

2 - Took the Hippo Bus.

3 - Rode on the Duck Tours boat-cum-road vehicle thingy.

4 - Had a buffet dinner at the Suntec Convention centre sort-of-open-air restaurant Kuali. Terrible food, horrible lack of selection and horrendously overpriced. Never. Ever. Eat. There.

5 - Rode on the DHL Helium Balloon thingy. QUite fun to see the city skyline from a floating balloon. Kind scary though.

More pics coming up after I've uploaded them. Keep an eye out for it at my Flickr.

We've got exactly a month from the A levels. 30 DAYS, PEOPLE!!! Mugging time!

PS: It's Emmanuel's Birthday today! Happy Birthday and Happy Childrens' Day to you (if you're even reading this)! :)

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