Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Day I Get Antagonised By Little Koreans


I just realised that I actually have Korean neighbours. Well, they're new, so I'm not completely at fault for not knowing that they existed.

While I was completing my 50th lap in the pool today (equivalent to 12.5 laps in the Olympic pool), two little Asian kids, a boy and a girl that I've never seen before, plopped into the water and started splashing around. Initially,I ignored them and continued to do my own thing until the girl asked "Hello, how are you?" and the boy tugged at my feet (I dunno how he did that) and asked "Are you Korean or Japanese?"

I was stunned.

After trying my best to explain to them that I'm chinese and nicely telling them to leave me alone (to no avail), the kids would not give me a rest. I managed to complete a few laps successfully, then the kids started to splash water at me (not that I could feel anything while being submerged, but it was distracting) and screaming a mix of simple English and Korean that sounded completely illogical to me.

Eg. "(Korean blah blah)...listening...(Korean blah blah) stay house...(more Korean blah blah)"

And what was mummy dearest doing all these while when I was being viciously ravaged by her offspring? Yakking away on her handphone by the pool. Their Phillipino domestic helper (a nicer way to say "maid") was helpless; she just stood there mumbling "Ok la, enough enough ok?" (like the kids could hear her).

Finally after what seemed like eternity, Korean-Mummy ended her call and came over to attempt appeasing her children in a similar manner as her domestic helper. LIKE, WHAT THE HELL? I was thinking, you're their mum and you don't even dare to raise your voice to discipline your kids?! I decided that I've had enough and I got out of the pool. Korean-Mummy looked meekly at me and bowed with an equally meek "Thank you".

I just smiled.

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