Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Day Of The Econs Prelims

Gonna be having Econs at 2.30pm later this afternoon, so here's a quick update.

Time really flies when you're busy with exams. Unknowingly, we have written so many essays/DRQs within the short span of three days. Yesterday, after our 6 hours worth of papers, Mel, Cassandra, Meifeng and I gave a number to the essays and DRQs we've done from Tuesday to Thursday:

Essays: 9
DRQs: 12
Total: 21

Stupid combi and stupid timetabling. Thank God the timetable for the A's isn't as closely spaced out as this. My left hand is suffereing sympathy pains for my right hand. Ow... Anyway, two more papers to go and I'm a free man (until the A's, that is).


Random moment of the day
Lee Hom will be having his η›–δΈ–θ‹±ι›„ (Heroes of The Earth) Tour in Singapore on the 21st of October, two weeks before the A's. Should I or should I not go?

Gotta go now. Mug mug mug.. Shall blog more after Econ's.

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