Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Day I Talk About The Idol Finals

It's so much nicer to watch the show from home. In fact, I'm thankful I didn't go watch it at the Indoor Stadium. Can you imagine the commotion? *shudders*

I'm very happy with the top 2 we've got this year, so it doesn't really matter who wins cos whoever is crown the Singapore Idol will be deserving. Hady and Jonathan both have their individual strengths when it comes to performing afterall.

And I must add that the new song written for this year's finals is as cheesy as any other Idol finale song. But I kinda like it. Hehe.

But if I really have to make a choice, I'd pick Hady cos he's the better singer and I like his tone and style better. Anyway, I think that Jonathan has the looks, charisma, a unique voice, and certainly the X-Factor that makes him stand out from the crowd, so I like him too. But I can already imagine listening to Hady on a CD.

Whatever the results are tomorrow, I'm a happy for both of them. They deserved to be where they were tonight. Hopefully they'll survive in the local music industry.

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