Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Day The Prelims Ended

The prelims are officially over.

However, I'm not feeling any sense of relief though. I guess with the A levels overshadowing us and the clock counting down the days and minutes before the final exams, relief is only a faraway possibility.

But anyway, I'm gonna give myself a break from the books for the next two days before I start to charge full-speed towards The End. This break is for me so that I won't go thinking "Hey I need a break" during my A Level prep because I've already had one.

It's make or break, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to break.

On a lighter note, I've been feeling rejuvenated after dealing with my own emotional problems. It's funny how much a burden emotional issues can be to us, yet we don't usually realise it until we hit breaking point. So here's my new motto: Positivity beats the shit out of negativity any time.

Stay cheerful and always look on the bright side! There's always a bright side to everything; We just gotta find a way to see it. Remember, depression's a killer.

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