Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Day We Went To The Botanic Gardens

I haven't stepped into the Botanic Gardens since I was god-knows-how young. And I had a really good time there yesterday with my parents and Xavier + Shelia, my two almost-angelic widdle cousins. I say almost, cos they sure as hell aren't anywhere near "angelic". Heh.

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The entrance of the Botanic Gardens

It's all revamped and beeeeaaaaaauuuutifuuuul now. It's like stepping into another world. I'm serious. God knows how much money they've pumped in to give that shabby old park a makeover. But who's complaining? I'm glad they did.

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Another angle of the entrance

Yet another proof of the Garden's magnificence. 'Nuff said.

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Mum and the 2 kids

The air was so fresh! And we saw Wong Li Lin jogging and pushing her baby girl in a pram! She was my very first object of fantasy when I was in primary school you know. Heh. From what I've heard, smokers need to spend at least 8 hours at a place like this to get the bad air out of their system. Then again, if you tink about it, why would smokers need to detox if they're just gonna start puffing again after detoxing? Hmmm.

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At the bridge facing the Swan Pool

Isn't the scenery beautiful? (Ok how many times have I already said that?) It is. Minus the kids and my mum (no offense, mother), it'd be a perfect scene.

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The Cactus Garden

They have installed this new feature to the Garden, which is really amazing cos you'll get to see a variety of cactus species. It's really educational for kids and a sight not to be missed. You can say that it's a whole lotta thorns in my eye! (It's a pun, get it? Get it? Hahahahahahahaha...)

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The Vanda Miss Joaquim - Our National Flower

I'm such a budding photographer eh? They made a maze-like thing out of these Orchids. It's really amazing. I have no idea how they did it, but did it. You won't believe it till you see it.

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THE Shade

This is where I first learned how to walk, or so my dad told me. I have no memories whatsoever of walking here as a toddler. I guess my brain hadn't developed yet.

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The Evolution Garden

The Evolution Garden (TEvG) is located at an end of the Garden. It gives a visual presentation of the evolution of the Earth from the beginning. There were also volunteer Tour Guides of TEvG present on site to bring visitors around and explaining the formation of the Earth, the beginning of life, how plants came about etc etc. Took about 2 hours but it was really insightful.

You. Cannot. Miss. This.

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