Friday, November 11, 2005

The Day We Celebrate Shaun's Birthday (Part 1)

Today's Shaun's Birthday!

Well, it's actually tomorrow, but we're celebrating it for him today. And guess where we're throwing the party for him? My place!

I'm so tired from preparing the food now, so I've decided to give an update about my day so far. I had math tuition this morning from 9 till about 11 plus, then it was time to attack the towgays. Spent about 3 hours "unrooting" the vegetable(s). Now my fingers smell of towgay... Eeew...

Image hosted by
The friggin towgay's

After towgay-ing, I gave my rabbit a shower. Isn't he so adorable?

Image hosted by
Forrest getting mentally prepared

Image hosted by
Forrest struggling

Image hosted by
Forrest drying himself

Image hosted by
Forrest sun-tanning

Shall have more updates after the party...

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