Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Day I Bought Clothes

Ok, you guys know how "often" I actually go shopping for clothes, and how horrible my wardrobe is. So yeah, I went shopping yesterday. With Taylor/Ian/whatever-name-he-goes-by-nowadays.

After 3 hours of math tuition, I got down to Orchard, where I bumped into Esther and Yuxi (surprise surprise). Then I followed them to Lido, where I met Brenda! Haven't seen her in awhile.

At about 4 o'clock, roughly an hour after out supposed meeting time, Taylor finally showed up. He's always fashionably late, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. We met at Topshop, after which we headed towards Heerens to look at stuff. After leaving Heerens, we went on to Takashimaya's Zara, where there wasn't anything I wanted. So we left, and got to Tangs, where I tried on a tight-fitting low-v-neck. It was completely un-Justin I tell you.

I didn't get it in the end.

After Tangs, we headed over to Topman at Wisma, where we first met. I felt incredibly stupid; We should have gone there first. Anyway, we didn't get anything from there either so it was off to Zara (Wheelock Place).

Tammi met me there (yes, Taylor was still around) and I got a nice singlet in the end.

Fast forward to night, after I got home, I had a big quarrel with Taylor. Loong story. *sigh* Oh well... I guess I shoulda listened to my horoscope yesterday...

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