Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Day I Officially Start My Holidays

Well, AO Maths is over. And my holidays have officially started!!!

After school today, I had a one-on-one outing with my best bud in school, Suku (aka Shaun)! It was also the first time I visited his "crib" at Chiltern Park. Small it may be, but it's cosy. I liked it. Oh yes, I saw his sis too! It was so embaressing cos I kept calling her "Sarah" when her name was actually "Sharon". Shoot me...

The 2 of us caught Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire today at Lido. Overall, I thought the movie captured the main gist of the book, eliminating all the not-so-important details from the novel. And I applaud the producers for being able to condense the 8-chapter long Triwizard Tournament to an approximately 5 minute segment in the 2 and a half hour long movie.

Another plus for me was a new haircut! I've completely shed my "nerdy" image for a brand new "punk" look! So hot! I loooove my new hairstyle!

Ooops. Blonde moment.

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