Monday, November 07, 2005

The Day I Completed PW

It's over!!!

Thank God! It's finally over... No more PW! Surprisingly, Ms LP, one of the assessors at my group's presentation today, kept her trap shut throughout the whole course of the project. I should have gone to buy 4D I tell you. It's a fucking miracle.

Anyways, the whole presentation went pretty smoothly. *phew*

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 9

(Three months ago...)

Blake lay down on the bed with his legs spread apart, as the man squirted lube into his asshole. It was cold. Then he closed his eyes, feeling something big and uncomfortable enter him through his rectum. His butt felt like a it was bursting. Moaning painfully, he grabbed the man's big arms tightly.

He didn't want to see any of this...


Tessa receive a call on her new mobile phone.

"Hey, it's me. You free now?"

Wow. She hadn't expected him remember her, much less bother to call. "Yeah I am. Wassup?" "Well, I was wondering if you wanna come over?"

It was a warm Saturday afternoon. And from the sounds of it, it was about to get warmer. Her face flushed in anticipation as she replied, "I'd love to. Where's your address?"

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