Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Day Before My LAst AO Maths Paper

The whole Mrs Ho's farewell concert thing is getting on my nerves. I've just been slammed by a teacher (shan't state any names, in case I get into any legal/academic trouble) for a wrong song choice. I mean, ok, it's a rather irrelavant song, but you don't have to bloody slam me! Sodding cow...

So now, I gotta get a new song for the performance. AAAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 10


The door-bell chimed. Tessa stood outside, waiting eagerly for the door to open. Just then, it swung inwards and revealed a topless Blake. She just stared wide-eyed: His abs were beautifully ripped, and his pecs were firm and sculpted. "So, you gonna come in?"

Bleargh. Tessa blushed, and she made her way into the house. Wow, it's a big house for someone who stays alone. Hmm. "So, was it difficult to find your way here?"

"Nah, it was ok."

"Haha ok... Wanna come take a look at my room?"

Oooh. His room? "Sure!"

The two of them stepped into a room with white walls. There was Queen-sized bed covered in plain, azure blue bedsheets. Tessa also noticed a faint whiff of Dettol. Hmmm. Cleanliness freak eh? "Like it?" Blake inquired. "Yeah. Nice, and, erm, plain."

"Well, that's the way I like it."

He shut the door behind him, and Tessa heard a faint click. The door was locked. Face flushing, she asked, "Oh, er, so do you wanna go out and have coffee or something?"

"I was thinking maybe we could stay here."

Her eyes widened. "Here?"

"Yes. Here." Flicking his hair back, he inched closer towards Tessa, so close that Tessa could smell his sweet, minty breath.

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