Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Day I Spent The Hari Raya Holidays At Home

Today was a boring day.

I stayed at home to practise my maths.

Did the laundry.

Was alone until 6.30 cos Mum and Dad took a day trip to Malaysia.

Went out for dinner at Serangoon Gardens. Ate fish & chips and had a big mug of sugarcane juice. Mmmmmm....

Brought the gifts from my Malaysian relatives to my aunt's place: sugarcane (fresh sticks, not the juice), bananas, tapioca leaves and otak. A heavy lot.

That was pretty much a condensed version of my oh-so-boring-and-not-very-interesting day.

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 8

(Three months later...)

Tessa's eyes widened in both shock and disbelief. It was not possible. She let out a soft gasp as she slunk onto the basin, tears filling her eyes to the brim. She was overwhelmed by the insurgance of emotions. The pregnancy test kit dropped onto the floor, revealing a faint sky-blue "plus" sign.

She was pregnant.


Blake sat in the waiting room, his heart in his mouth. Why did it take so long? He shouldn't have done it. It wasn't worth the money. And it might have costed him the rest of his life. The door to the doctor's consultation room swung open and the doctor poked his head out, "Blake Ho. Is Blake Ho here?"

"Yes I am he."

"Please come in"

Blake stood up nervously and entered the consultation room. He took in a deep breath as he took a seat next to the doctor's table. "Blake, your test results are out." The doctor handed him a slip of white paper and continued, "I'm sorry, but you're positive." Blake just sat there, shocked. He felt a sharp jab of sourness in his nose and his eyes became wet. Then it all came out and he just bawled. And bawled.


"Hello? Blake?"


"I've got erm, something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant. And it's definitely yours."


"Yeah. I'm pregnant. When are you going to come and see me?"

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