Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Day I Talk About Death

Today is the day all Christians celebrate "All Souls Day". It is the day where we remember our dearly departed and the ones we have laid to rest. Death is just a part of life. We transition through birth, life, and the eventual death.

But hey, death is a peaceful thing. At the very least, when you're legally dead, nobody can sue you. And nobody's gonna bother you when you're six feet under.

Now, the thing that I don't understand is, on one hand, we have people battling death daily, while on another, there are those who choose to end their lives. I'm not going to talk about morality here cos it's too subjective. But what I wanna talk about here is the irony of life and death.

Oh well, the post ends here I guess, lest I become too controversial.
Till tomorrow, auf wiedersehn. :)

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