Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tha Day I Talk About Physically Disabled Bengs

Had the weirdest encounter this evening after dinner. Have you ever seen physically handicapped Ah Bengs? I did. I know that it's bad to stereotype, but that's what I saw.

After getting my face stuffed at the Kovan kopitiam, I took my little cousins for a walk. Then we came by these two skinny guys with half-brown hair, sucking cancer-sticks while sitting by the pavement. One of my cousin's grimaced and gave me the "God-I-hate-smokers" look. The younger one just looked at them in astonishment. Here's the reason why:

They were signing. As in "speaking" through hand-signs and they made no sound. One was gesturing wildly like some crackpot and after that, he took a long draw on his cigarette while his counterpart replied in a furry of hand-movements. It was odd yet amusing.

Not wanting to get into trouble for staring (just in case), I grabbed the two kids and immediately headed for another direction. Then we laughed. I dunno why I laughed but I did. I guess that the idea of an Ah Beng being either deaf/mute just seemed ridiculous.

We learn something new everyday, eh?

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