Friday, May 19, 2006

The Day I Talk About The Da Vinci Code Movie, Blesphemy and Some

Just caught The Da Vinci Code today.

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The Da Vinci Code (Movie)

If I had to summarize the movie in one word: Bland

Tom Hanks, taking the lead role of Professor Robert Langdon, displays a wide array of emotions in this one, which includes frowning in deep thought, frowning in surprise, frowning in anger, and the peculiar frowning smile. Yes, he's as stoic as a board. Even my rabbits display a larger variety of emotions.

My favourite French pixie, Audrey Tautou, does a good job in emoting Sofie Neveu, and her English is surprisingly passable. She was the only person who captivated me enough to keep me awake through the show.

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Tom Hanks & Audrey Tautou from a scene in the movie

Sir Ian McKellen of X-Men and The Lord of The Rings fame (he has recurring roles as Magneto in the former and Gandalf in the latter) does an ok job as Sir Leigh Teabing, the actual mastermind who orchestrated the killings of the Priory of Sion members in the movie.

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Sir Ian McKellen

Then comes Paul Bettany, husband of Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly, as the extremist albino, Opus Dei monk Silas. Best acting I've seen from him so far. He looked really scary in the movie...

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Paul Bettany

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Now, a quick critique of the movie:

The US$124 million movie does not feel like a $124 million film. It lacks the oomph of a blockbuster. Sure, they have big names that have massive drawing-power, like Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Sir Ian McKellen etc. But the film follows the book so closely that there are not many unpredictable sequences that really make the audience go "whoa!". Did I mention that Tom Hanks' acting in this movie was probably his worst, by far?

If you ask me, it's not worth the $9.50 ticket price. Wait for the VCD or DVD to come out and go rent it.

Summary of the story
In short, the story is about the discovery of a 2000 thousand-year-old fraud by the Church, which tries to erase the evidence of Jesus' decendents (a result of copulation with his "Holy Grail", Mary Magdalene).

Incredible blasphemy, if you ask me. If you're any interested in the truth, go get your hands on The Da Vinci Deception, a great read for those who actually believe the many factual errors stated in Dan Brown's novel.

Some facts:
- Da Vinci was never an occultist who put secret "codes" in his paintings and other works. He was just a maths freak who was uber interested in the mathematic meaning behind symbols and shapes.

- Da Vinci was a genius inventor.

- Da Vinci was a bastard and gay, which caused him to be ostracised by many as well as gotten him persecuted by the Churchof his time.

- The Opus Dei is not an "evil" cult, as portrayed so in the movie, but comprise of very normal and strictly religious people.

My day...
I'd actually caught the movie with Kenny (my good friend from my 1st-three-months in MI) even though I had not intended to initially at Orchard Cineleisure. God, I really hate Cine. It's a checkpoint for the bengs and lians. A sight for sore eyes I tell you. Many of the boys and girls was garishly overdressed and hairstyled. But nonetheless, it was great hanging out with a buddy.. :)

I've got some stupid briefing at NUS tomorrow for Pre-U Sem (PUS 2006 for short. PUS. Get it? Nevermind...) early early early in the morning, followed by College Day back in school in the late afternoon. I dunno why they made it compulsory for all J2's to go bak for the lame-o event, but we're all supposed to go anyway. Urgh. School still wants to kill us even though it's the weekends.

Bloody hell...

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