Friday, May 12, 2006

The Day I Talk About Matchmaking

There's been a bout of the Matchmaking influenza going about my friends lately. And the worst thing is, they're trying to matchmake me. I mean, it's bad enough that matchmaking is a dead trade that nobody in the right frame of mind would go for willingly in the 21st-century (with the exception of the super-traditionalist Indians in the faraway land of India, according to what I hear), I have been misunderstood as some desperately single, undersexed adolescent.

If it was just one person attempting to help me "get together with" some crush of mine, it's all fine. But now it's not only 1, but 2 of my dear friends are arbitrarily trying to get me hooked up with their just-as-single and seemingly desperate friends.

God-knows why people actually think that I don't enjoy the fruits of singledom. As a matter of fact (in the words of the lame-o McDonalds' diddly), I'm Lovin' It! Seriously.

I don't want to get together with anyone right now, and neither do I have a crush on anybody. Besides, I don't need to get laid, and I'm more than happy being single. Anyway, I don't exactly have the time nor the money for a relationship. I'm really grateful for your concern and all, but I don't need a girlfriend.

Not now, at least. *sigh*

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