Monday, May 15, 2006

The Day I Talk About MARVEL's Civil War & X-Men 3

I'm not talking about the real Civil War, but the Marvel event of the year, Civil War.


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House of M

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The New Avengers

After the House of M last year, the mutant population has been severely decimated*. There are roughly about 198 mutants left in the world. Because of that,the government has placed mandatory full-time protection by Sentinel Squad O*N*E*. On the other side of the line, the New Avengers, even though they consist of a largely non-mutant (with the exception of Wolverine) team, have been affected by the events of H.O.M as well. Post-H.O.M, the government wanted to tag and register all mutants with a proposal of the Mutant Registration Act.

Civil War

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Lines are drawn. Whose side are you on?

Recently, a reality television programme starring former teen superheroes, the New Warriors, shot an episode of the team going against 4 C-grade villians, namely Coldheart, Speedfreak, Cobalt Man and Nitro. Unexpectedly, Nitro creates a atomic-bomb like explosion and blows up the vacinity, which included a school full of school childern.

Because of that, the Superhuman Registration Act was also introduced. Now, all superheroes have to regster themselves in order to work as superheroes. That means no more unknown, masked vigilantes, and this also meant that villians could threaten superheroes on a more personal level.

So now, the sides have been formed. Some heroes are for it, and some are against it. Whose side are you on?

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You decide.

X-Men: The Last Stand
10 more days... I can't wait!
For those who want a 7 minute sneak peek of the movie (yes it's really actual scenes from the movie), here's a link:

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