Monday, May 08, 2006

The Day I Talk About My Rabbits and My Neighbour's Stupid Cat

I really don't like cats.

Mainly because they scratch alot, and cos one of them tried to kill my rabbits today.

One of my neighbours (I haven't found out which one) has this white, furry and feral tubby cat that was observed by yours truly in an attempt to make a pass at my rabbits today. By "making a pass" I mean attacking. Just for your information, my female rabbit, Queen (the white, lazy and fat one), is kept in the garage, and Forrest (the older, grey and cuter one) is kept outside in the garden.

This morning as I was leaving my house to go to school, I saw Queen all huddled
up in her cage in fear and from a distance (about 6m away), I saw that tubby. I assumed poor lil Queenie was aantagonized by that feral no-brain. Later in th evening, after I let Forrest out of his cage, the stupid cat popped out of nowhere and chased after him while he was out for his daily "run" in the garden. AND THE BLOODY CAT SCRATCHED MY POOR BABY.

Stupid cat. When I find out who it's owner is, I tell you... *growls in displeasure*

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