Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Day Leonid The Magnificant Hit Me In The Face (Well, Not Literally)

There's this new show in the States and it's called America's Got Talent. From my previous entry (the one with the 11-year-old Bianca Ryan), you can see that America's got some talent alright. But here's something that puzzles me:

Simon Cowell, acid-tongued judge of American Idol fame, is the Executive Producer and brainchild of the show. And he picks former anorexic pin-up girl Brandy and David "lao tiko" Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame as 2 of the 3 the judges (the last guy's Piers Morgan, some British show-host and newspaper editor) for the show? Brandy and Hasselhoff. (Hasselhoff better be grateful, seeing how he's got not much of a career post-Baywatch.)

With a line-up of judges like that, you can expect some weird judges picks.

Here's a guy who calls himself Leonid The Magnificant.

Apparently, he's some queen from the New York night scene who migrated to the States from Sickle-&-Hammer Land (aka Russia). Odd guy, with even odder antics.


Blandy's really got no clue about the fine line between entertainment and acts-of-stupidity (ie playing with swords on national tv and almost killing yourself).

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