Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Day I Went To The Hospice & The Day I Got A New Phone

I was at the Assisi Hospice yesterday doing volunteer work and I must say, it was an amazing experience. Life became so different, as I saw and helped people who needed help for almost everything ie eating, drinking, showering, poo-pooing etc but could still have such a positive outlook on life.

I've learnt to cherish the life God has given me more and I'm definitely going to go back there to help out every week. If you're ineterested to know what the nurses do and want to help the sick, please do drop by the hospice as a volunteer. It's right next to Mt Alvernia Hospital, near MacRitchie Resevoir.

Got a new phone yesterday too. A Nokia 6280. Great phone...

Ok, gotta go sleep now. 95 more days to the A's...

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