Friday, July 14, 2006

The Day After CHMA 2006

CHMA 2006 was a blast!

Had a really good time watching and performing this year. Younger contestants are making their way to the finals and winning this thing, which is a fantabulous. Last night's overall winner was a Sec 1 instrumentalist Derek Koh who played the yang qing and left us all in awe.

Marcus and I sang "Right Here Waiting" twice last night, the second time because of a special request by Mrs Chaillan (pronounced shay-lawn. It's French), one of the judges on the panel, who was my ex-music teacher and current vice-principal of Catholic High (Primary).

Thanks to God, everything went smoothly.

Many thanks to all the crew-members of the iMedia who put so much time and effort in preparing for the show, the contestants for their undying musical passion, Kong Meng for his piano accompaniment, and the teachers who invited Marcus and I back to Cat High for a guest-performance slot.

After 4 consecutive years, I guess last night was my last performance at CHMA for the forseeable future. The feeling of seeing this show develop from it's very initial concept, being part of it as a contestant to and alumni member, and watching it play out so beautifully again last night, is impossible to describe.

Here's a nice a'capella video of an all-Asian group called At Last who are contestants of America's Got Talent. They're really good.

The Brandy-Piers banter is priceless.
Brandy blandy! Haha...

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