Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Day I Saw A Parent Slap A Child

This was what I saw during dinner at a food court today:

Toddler: *cries*
Mother: You cry somemore I slap you again ah!
Toddler: *cries somemore*
Mother: YOU AH!*slaps child*

Here's the deal: When you have a kid, go for parenting lessons. Or else, don't have one. Do you really think a toddler (about 1-2 years old) will understand you when you just slap him/her? What kind of parent are you if you just keep doing that?

I mean, I'm all for corporeal punishment, but if only used sparingly like when a kid is misbehaving or needs to be disciplined to do the right thing. And slapping without explanation is not a way to use it.

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