Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Day I Talk About The Synergy Experience

It's finally OVER!
Thank God...

Synergy 2006 was definitely a memorable experience for me. There were many "first times" and I really grew alot as a preformer. However, it wasn't exactly a happy event. It was both good and bad. Let's start with the good first:

The Good

I had my dance performance directly before my singing performance, which meant that I only had roughly 15 seconds to change out of thet ghastly Paddlepop costume into my own clothes. Hurrah for me. Even though it was a mad rush, the adrenaline surge felt so good. And I really got the feeling of how professional performers having a concert actually do what they call a "quick change". Like really really quick. I'm sooo superstar-ish now. *malicious laughter*

The singing performance bit was pretty ok, considering we didn't have much time to prepare for it. And the two finales (for both the Matinee and Evening shows) were a blast. The odd thing was, even though we have three members in the band, the only consistent band member that appeared in both the finales (which is yours truly, of course). I did the first finale with Marcus, and the second one with Junyi. And people kept asking ME why we couldn't have ALL 3 OF US FOR THE FINALE. I was so very irritated by that.

After the show, a bunch of J1 girls (and a couple of guys) came up to me an requested to have a photo taken with me. My first groupie experience. This was what happened:

Me: *carrying my barang barang and walking out of
school, passing by the Atrium*

Guys 1 & 2: Hey can we take a photo with you?

Me: Erm, for what?

Girl 1: Cos you're The One ma!

Me: Oh. Actually, there are three...

Girl 2: PLEASE???

Me: Errr, ok...

All Groupies: YAY! *approaches stranger for help in

It was an odd, first-time-being-hounded-by-groupies experience, but it was certainly an interesting one.

The Bad
(The following is a negative recount of a the writer's negative feelings. Reader discretion is advised. Expletives are freely used. Not suitable for the young.)

The band performance for the evening fringe show went pretty ok, but the morale of the band was TERRIBLE. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. The band members were unhappy with this and that and apparently, it added lots of pressure on Marcus. I dunno why (cos if there's anybody who should be exhausted it should be me. Dancing and changing and singing consecutively isn't exactly a walk in the park. It's rush rush rush.) but he was really stressed/pissed/unhappy. Thank GOD the show went on OK despite the undercurrent of negative energies.

Then immediately after the evening singing performance, Marcus became all mocdy and told me he didn't want to do the finale anymore. What a marvelous icing on top of the cake. Just when everything was going ok for me, the balloon had to burst IN MY FACE. Wowza. Now you know why Marcus wasn't there at the end.

Cos he left.

He left me there with Junyi (who didn't really know the finale song well enough so forgive her for forgetting the words) and I felt like shit. I looked like the happiest boy in the world when I was on stage but I FELT LIKE SHIT. CRAP. FAECES. Whatever you people call it anyway. I felt so fucked but I had to smile to everyone (strangers included) cos I couldn't possibly show that I was unhappy or else people would start bugging me with stupid questions and the vicious cycle would continue all over again. The stupidity of school-celebrityhood (is there even such a thing?) cos everyone knows who the hell you are and talks about you and everything related to you.

To add fuel to fire, Junyi started whining the the end of the whole show about how she screwed up all the songs, especially the finale. I mean, c'mon, nobody's balming anyone, so STOP WALLOWING IN SELF-DEGRADATION ALREADY. I was fucking fucking pissified cos of everything that happened. Besides being exhausted, stressed with the fact that Marcus left suddenly, she had to give me the "whine".

Last I heard, she cried and had to have her buncha friends console her before she left. Poor girl...

(End of negative entry)

I'm pretty satisfied with myself for being able to pull of the performances I gave yesterday. That's all that matters now.

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