Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Day I Talk About Post Block Test

School's been really busy. Had to do lotsa prep work for the pre-u seminar written report over the past week so I haven't been sleeping much nor updating my blog much. Sorry bout that. Anyways, nothing much interesting happened, other than the interview with Ya Kun Kaya Toast's Excutive Chairman (and his son, who acted as his PA as well). It was great meeting such a wise man. I'd never forget it. That, and the free kaya toast and drinks. Heh (Yes yes laugh all you want, I'm proud of my greedy-glutton nature. :P)

Been pretty whacked-up with the lack of sleep and whatever crap we had for homework the past week. Tammi's birthday was successful though (thank God). Glad I didn't screw up her card.

Oh yes, my brain was almost drilled open by the noise made by those horrible children on the MRT train today. Noise noise and more noise. Sometimes I feel like wrangling their parents (just because they can't keep their children in line. That's a mortal sin. Burn in hell, you lousy parents!!! BURN!!!) but most of the time, I just feel like kicking the kids out of the train. You'll feel that way too when you're having a 9.0 Richter Scale headache. I know I'm supposed to love all kids (being a Cathechist and all), but trust me, some days you just really wanna spank those devils (in the painful, teachine-them-a-lesson, whacking-the-butt kinda way. Not the sexual spanking thingy that people do as foreplay. I know what you dirty boys are thinking I tell you. Heh heh... I'm no paedophile.)

Let's just hope the following week'll be better.

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