Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Day I Talk About My Synergy Outburst

I finally exploded today after all my pent up stress and frustrations were too much for me to handle. I guess I gave all the performers a huge shock during today's Synergy rehearsal. You see, this is what happened:

My band, consisting of musicians Baey, Yi Shin, Ernest and Leonard, are not obligated to help me and Marcus out today but they came anyway. So we did our 2 songs, namely She WiIll Be Loved and Here Without You for the teacher's-in-charge of the show. I found that it was pretty ok (even though the lead guitarist, Yi Shin, screwed up at some parts of Here Without You, we generally gave a good performance).

Then one of our "beloved" (I say this with an intense tone of sarcasm) Councillors, whose name begins with a J, who is also somebody that is not very well liked, had to give rather harsh and negative comment about our song rendition. I mean, if he was a wonderful singer OR a respected performer, I'd take it as constructive criticism. BUT the thing is, he sounds like a horse on helium pulling a cart over twisted nails (and that's already a very nice way of putting it) whenever he attempts singing, SO I don't think he's in a very good position to make such critical judgements.

So if you're reading this, FUCK YOU.
(I know I'm supposed to be more open-minded and accepting of criticisms, but today hasn't exactly been my day so I guess it really ticked me off to hear such crap. Thoe fucktards and their assholic comments just pisses me off.)

Another thing that fueled my stress was the dance performance. We screwed up. MAJOR screwed up. Thank GOD it was only a rehearsal. And did I mention that the guys costumes had a Paddlepop-coloured top and skin-tight, Robin-like (if you read the old Batman & Robin comics you'd know what I mean) green leotard shorts that are the length of boxers? When I saw it, I was like, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

(PS: Btw if you don't know what Paddlepop is, it's the kinda ice-lollies by Walls Ice-Cream that we used to lick on during our younger days that are creamy rainbow-coloured. In other words, IT LOOKS GOOD AS AN ICE-CREAM BUT ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS AS A TOP. I dunno if there are still any Paddlepop ice-creams though. Remember the "Paddle-pop WOW, Paddle-pop YEAH, SUPERDUPER YUMMY!" diddly we always heard on TV last time? Oh, the good old times... Anyway, I digress.)

I exploded when I just couldn't handle the stress of screwing up and meeting people's high expectations of us The One winners. I mean, we're human too. Don't expect us to be perfect in every of our performances/rehearsals/practises. We, like everyone else, need time to polish and work on our coordination and team-spirit as well. So PLEASE, please treat us like normal people too. We're trying our best already.

On this note, I'd also like to apologise to everybody whom I've shocked with my outburst just now. I'm really embaressed about it and truly sorry if I've caused any inconvenience. Thanks so much to my Dance mates as well for trying to cheer me up. Really grateful for your support.

And of course, to Marcus and Junyi. Thanks...

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