Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Day I Talk About My NS Vocational Interview

I had a break from my own angst yesterday and stepped into a whole new world of angst aka Commando Training Camp (Singapore).

I was down for my vocational test, which turned out to be a IQ & Personality Test-cum-Medical Checkup-cum-Fitness Test-cum-Interview thingy. Here's a possible future scenario, starring yours truly: I'm a Commando, doing all the rigorous training that Commandos do, running with my campmates, doing all kinds of dangerous stunts like parasailing, parachuting, eating bugs etc, body dripping with mud and perspiration... Can you imagine?

Cos I certainly can't.

Anyway, here's a blow by blow account of my experience yesterday:

- Took a shuttle sevice provided by the SAF from Pasir Ris MRT to the campsite at 8.

- Some high ranking Commando guy told us that "We interview about 500 people but only take in 250 only every year." And I sat there thinking, "Riiiight..."

- Had that IQ test thingy from 8.30 - about 11 plus. All of us practically froze our arses off in that bloody cold LT. Imagine being in your PE get-up and in a very well air-conditioned room.

- Defrosted ourselves on the way to the "Medical Centre" to do some check-up, which was actually just some guy sitting at a desk while we stood three-by-three, and answered "Yes" or "No" to this question: "Have any of you had any serious injuries before?"

- Answered "No."

- Did pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups (it's not even tested in NAFA. Oh well...) and my favourite standing broad jump. Was pretty ok I guess.

- Had lunch "at your own expenses" (quote Commando guy).

- Went through the interview. It didn't take more than 5 mins. Just asked me stuff like what I liked to do and what I know about the army. Quotabale quote: "Don't listen to what other people say about the Army." And I sit there and thought to myself (yet again), "Riiiiiight..."

And that pretty sums up my Cammando interview experience.

Dad was ok when I told him that the interview was for Commando but Mum didn't take the news quite well. Well, I'll just take whatever comes, I guess.

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