Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Day Of Learning And Teaching, Teaching And Learning

Today was a day of fruitful mugging and teaching, of which the latter activity almost burnt a gargantuan cavity through my thick skull.

Was studying after school at the McCafe in Great World City after curch today, then post-lunch, at the Serangoon Gardens Country Club study room with Jerome, who was preparing for his SATS while I tried to cram Econs into my almost non-absorbant gray-goo.

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Here's the study room that we studied in. Too quiet for my liking,if you ask me.

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And this is Jerome. Having the time of his life practising his SATS skills. Looks fun, eh?

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This is the Dictionary that he uses to check-out unknown words. Like how much information can this little thing store? (Note the size difference between Calculator and Dictionary.)

After mugging, I went to Grandma's place for dinner and at the same time, gave my cousins (4 of them) tuition. It was terrible. After my constant nagging and "must remember ah!" and "use the dictionary!" and "do your corrections!", they still made the same mistakes. Over. And over. Again. Imagine this: One's in K2 (going to P1 next year), one's in P3, another's in P5 and the last one's in P6 (yes PSLE year). How can I not worry, I ask you?


If only they could be more responsible with their own work.

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