Monday, August 28, 2006

The Day I See The Light

"The dark sky fell like pearls
Blackened by the dust of night
No one could feel the pain
Or the hurt that he felt

His soul was worn
His heart, torn
All meaning
Made no sense

Gazing up from Misery
The blinding stinging in his eyes
He asked God

No answer
No sound

In his heart he heard
A whisper so soft, comforting
Like a mother holding a child
To her breast

The pouring stopped
Pain ebbed away
Sun-beams returned

His heart was filled
With warmth and peace
Had already begun

Looking up again
He broke into a smile
Strained but trying
His lips parted

"Thank you"

Sometimes life can throw you off your feet at the most unexpected moment. Sometimes, a love lost is like an itch where you can't reach. An itch, deep inside of you. But give it time, and it will fade. I mean the itch, of course, not the love. You can't stop loving lest living is without meaning.

We all learn from our mistakes, because we all make them one way or another. That's the way Life works. Fall and pick yourself up again. That's what we're taught to do. But should we really do that?

Isn't better to just stay down when you're down, just in case we fall again?

That's a selfish thought though. Living can be a bitch, but living is also an experience. We get to feel a myriad of emotions and do a whole lot of things, so being all negative about things is not going to make life any better. It just makes us regret the things that we have not done, the things that we have let slip through our fingers like sand.

I don't want to regret anything as long as I'm alive.

"It seems like just yesterday when time stopped for us. We worried about nothing trivial. Nothing at all. We were both happy. Then you changed. A part of me was thrown back into my face without warning, without a sign. You expected me to take it back. You expected me to be able to move on with life, pretending nothing had happened.

I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't. I just stood there when time was jolted back to life, when you stopped looking at me. Stopped caring. You said that things could still be the way they were. But your actions tell me otherwise. You drifted away. We drifted apart.

I tell myself that you're selfish, that you're cruel, that you don't care. But I know that that's not true. Somewhere inside of you is the real you. It is that somewhere that you're trying to find, that somewhere that you're learning to embrace. Then I tell myself that you need time. So I've decided that I'll give you time. As much time as it takes for you to come to terms with yourself.

The part of you that was growing inside of me is still there. Please don't let it die."

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