Monday, August 07, 2006

The Day Of Almost Doing Nothing And Lotsa Bitching

We had some crappy Career Talk after school today, and lots of people did turn up in office wear. Some were, naturally, disasters, but there were a few people who looked quite good.

My classmates didn't turn up in office wear, with the exception of our beloved Marilyn, who turned up in school looking the part of a prospective banker. No kidding. Some of us made paper ties and badges to "mock" the occasion.

Here are some pics of:

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Tammi, the one who started the paper ties and all. God bless her...

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Shaun, with his pink "bow tie, with his "Emplyeee of the Month" badge. Lovely, innit?

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Here's Sean in a post-gym, mismatched outfit of singlet and paper tie.

Bitched and chatted at Tom Yum again during lunch. Some random, candid pics:

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(From left)
Kitson, Jiapei and Shaun

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(From right)
Sean, Shiyun, Anita

It was a long lunch cos GP was cancelled! I know I'm not supposed to be syaing this but it I was nice to have one less lesson... Tomorrow will be the "Fund Raising" National Day celebration. How fun it is to raise funds... Haha! Pun! Get it? Get it?

87 more days to the A's...

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