Friday, June 09, 2006

The Day I Went To MOS

MOS was fun!
Well, later into the night, that is.

Was there with Kenny at bout 10 plus, and there was no crowd. AT ALL. I thought, hey, it's the World Cup kick-off tonight, so maybe people wouldn't come. Anyway, we got so bored (and angry at ourselves for paying the cover charge already) that we were contemplating whether or not to leave that place for Attica instead. So he decided that we should to call our friends down.

I know, super RANDOM right? I thought so too. Anyway, so we were there, outside 54 (the retro room), sms-ing and calling our friends. Like bloody retards. In the end, noone could make it anyway.

Then the crowd started pouring in. That was when I actually started having fun.

After having some drinks, we danced the night away at 54, followed by a visit to Smoove (the R&B place). It was there where we finally managed to dance up to some hot babes; They were amazing.

I must say, I really enjoyed MOS. Can't wait to go back there after the mid-year's!

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