Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Day The Cardinal Came To Singapore

Last night's mass:
Served mass at The Cathedral last evening for the Cardinal's mass that celebrated 25 years of diplomatic ties between the Republic Singapore and the Vatican. There was also the unveiling of the statue of the late Pope John Paul II. There were like 40 priests from all the parishes in Singapore and several bishops from around the region. It felt amazing just to be there... Because it was a mass celebrated by the Cardinal (and the presence of one of our minister's, George Yeo), there were hordes of cameramen. Cue constant and irritating flashes.

And Jevon appeared on the Channel 5 9pm news because of that! Haha... So much for 5 seconds of fame.

Last night's Singapore Idol
And I just watched the performances of the final seven Singapore Idol contestant's that I missed last night, of which, one girl who sang a Christina Aguilera song really stood out. And I don't mean it in a good way.

The judges were so obviously biased towards her, giving her positive comments and all.

Moral of the story: When you don't have a big enough voice, don't sing a song that's too big for you. You'll end up screwing it and make the home viewers squirm in their seats.

Well, on a lighter note, there was a really outstanding performer from last night's seven, who sang Aretha Franklin's Chain Of Fools. She was the type of girl who could handle such "big-voiced" songs. Fingers crossed that she gets through.

I just hope that Singpore's not deaf.

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