Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Day I Talk About My Life Thus Far

Time for an evaluation of my life so far this year.

There have been many ups and downs (like who's life doesn't, right?). I thought I've escaped the dreadful sniping by the "Justin Jap Hate-Club: Let's HATE Him Together cos he's so fucking gaaay and we're all a bunch of testesterone-filled homophobic MCP's with EQ's the size our tits and IQ's the depth of our rectums!!! Boo him! Boo him!Yay!"

But NO... They had to find a way to ruin my already miserable life by tagging some useless and senseless BS on my tag-board. Oh well... "Like, whatever." (quote: Jon Jonsson. Jonssen. Jonson. Hiya, I dunno how to spell. Stupid ang mohs.) *rolls-eyes*

I've almost completely lost touch with my 1st-3-months MI clique-mates, but I hope to see them again (hopefully after promos and PW). Talking about PW, that bloody subject is driving me up the wall. My group is practically not doing anything about it. I'm now typing the Written Report draft (with what little information I've gathered on my own. *sigh*) and hoping Ms Tang won't kill us tomorrow. But I'm not very hopeful.

Just watched the Project Superstar (Girls) reunion special repeat telecast this afternoon. I have never seen such outrageously hypocritical people gathering together, bunching and giggling as one on national TV before. I mean, if you really hate each other, stop pretending you're friends! Then again, they're under a Mediacorp contract for the show. The industry is soooo dark and dirty. And did I mention the garishly dressed, hopelessly tone-deaf and terribly off-tempo eliminated contestants returning on that show to bring us grief yet again on national tv? *shivers*

On the relationship front, I'm still single and available. If only the right ONE could come along and knock on my door... Then again, girls are high maintanence. And with my current income level, I can't afford a high maintanence girlfriend. No offence to my girlfriends but hey, it's a fact. Don't tell me you don't want your boyfriends to pay for everything. :P
No, seriously, I can't afford one. I'm not that rich (which is a misconception of many who assume that only-child's get all the bling-bling they want.) Unless of course, there is that sopecial someone who understands my current predicament... Hmmm...

I need to get my mind off comics as well. They're really distracting me as I do my work. Maybe someone should borrow all of them and return it to me after my exams. Then maybe I'll start being more productive in doing my work.

I got a Teachers' Day present from one of my kids in church today. My very first Teachers' Day prezzie! So happy... Haha...

Ah. It feels good to bitch about my miserable life again.
Anyway, gotta get back to PW.

So today, I end with a quote from an anonymous person (at least this unknown person says something constructive. Heh.)

Quote of the Day: A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

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