Friday, August 19, 2005

The Day I Tell What I Feel

Sometimes, being nice ain't neccesarily the right thing to do.

I've tried to talk to you, asked you nicely why you wanna work. You say "For money." Then I try to tell you nicely that "it's really hard to cope with both work and JC life, and unless you really cannot get by, like if your parents aren't able to support you, then you work." You take it negatively, and remain stubborn, standing firm on your ground. I don't continue to talk about you working anymore.

I'd like you to know that it was out of concern that I asked you to stop working. As a friend, I think it is only right that I should respond when I fell you need a jolt back to reality. If not, why would I even bother? But if you insist on doing so, I have no power to persuade you otherwise. It's saddening to see you so tired on Mondays, even though you work only Fridays and Saturdays. Mind you, 8 hours straight is alot of work. But your tiredness has had an adverse effect on our project work group, with you being listless and weary during our Monday discussions.

I'm a frank guy, and I don't want to beat around the bush. I am really unhappy with your attitude and behaviour. If you think our classmates (with the exception of your close friends) are against you for no reason, you are wrong. We may not show it, but I hope you have at least a little bit of empathy to feel at least what we're feeling.

You say "Justin, can you blanja me lunch?", "Justin, can you buy me a drink?" etc, I don't really mind if it's just once or twice. But I feel that you've been taking this for granted. I am not an ATM machine. Yes, I am an only child, but that does not mean that I have inextinguishable pocket-money. Ask yourself, have you only asked me such questions, or have you asked others as well?

Money-wise, if you're afraid to offend your parents by asking for more, do you think your friends will not be offended if you ask them for money? Have some self-respect, be more empathic, think before you speak.

Yes, being frank and straight-forward is good, but being un-tactful is not. The ability to differentiate one from the other shows your maturity level.

I understand your predicament, but I do not understand why you have to do what you do. Please keep in mind that what I have just said above was with no intention of putting you down, but it was done in the hope that if you're seeing this, you can change. If you still feel like you're being ganged-up against after reading this, I suggest that you do some self reflection.

I'll be praying for you.

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