Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Day I Talk About Shaun

My school buddy:
He's tall, strikingly good-looking and dark. Tall because he's taller than me (but not by much), good looking cause he's got well defined features (it's true), dark because, well, he's Indian (pronounced yeen-dee-en). Heh...

He's funny sometimes, but most of the time, he tries too hard and it becomes really annoying. He has blond-moments almost every other day, but who doesn't right? He's Indian, but he thinks he's African-American. He teaches me "black" slangs once in awhile and I must say, it's pretty enriching.

He gets on my nerves, and he knows exactly what to do to piss me of. Or at least he tries to. But I know he means no harm. He brings me laughter when I'm down, hope when I despair. For 5 months, it seems like we've known each other for an age.

His name is Shaun.
He's my buddy and I love him very muchly (even though he's got so many flaws).

TO Shaun: If you're reading this, thanks for everything. You're a great friend to have...

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