Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Day I Returned From Las Vegas

*EDIT: Photos have been successfully uploaded*

Just got back from Vegas! I had a couple of "First Times" there. All I can say is, Vegas is really pretty (all those lights at night!!!) and it is truly Sin City. Just walk around long enough and you'd bump into a few whores. Either that or signboards advertising whore services.

My friends (Huaxia, Sandy and Milo) and I stayed at The Bellagio. It was anything and everything I could ask for. Really.

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The Bellagio

First Time (1):
I saw snow falling from the sky! It was freakin -1 degrees last night! Thank God for hot chocolate and cigarettes (they do wonders in winter). I CAN BRAG ABOUT EXPERIENCING MY FIRST SNOWFALL IN VEGAS!!! WOOHOOO!!! Exciting.....

First Time (2):
I've never gambled in my life until this morning. We spent time playing slot machines. It was mindless and boring, but definitely an experience. I didn't win any money though, if that's what you're wondering. No such thing as beginner's luck for me.

First Time (3):
We visited the M&M's World and the Coca Cola store. Pretty interesting for a country bumpkin like me.

It's off to Universal Studios tomorrow!

Before I go, here are some shots:

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At the foot of a Christmas tree made of balls!

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Magarita from a vase

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The world's largest chocolate fondue fountain!

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It is really just a cake; Chicken Little is merely an illusion.

And both the fountain and the cake are found at...
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