Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Day I Talk Dirrrrrty

Have you experienced this?

Ever noticed that some guys like to pee in cubicles even though there are urinals available in the public toilet, and they do so in the name of "wanting more privacy", but they actually make a mess out of the simplest thing Man can do?

Ever had a stomach churning so badly that you'll need a good crap but when you get into the toilet cubicle, the toilet bowl's gross with wet pee on the ass-support rim and it's emanating a foul, pungent odour at the same time?

Well, that's because for most guys, they don't have much toilet courtesy. Just today, I encountered one such person as I was having a bad stomach and dying to sit my ass down on the toilet bowl. But before I could do that, I had a rude shock as the toilet bowl looked like a scene out of Alien. It was after spending 5 minutes of cleaning up after the guy before me that I could finally take a shit.

So I've decided to give some constructive comments on such unacceptable behaviour today.

Toilet Cubicle Courtesy 101:

(1) Remove the ass-support before you pee

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If the ass-support is down...

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... then pull it up before you aim.

(2) If you forget step (1)...

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... this is going to happen. Cos most of the time, you're not exactly the top-notch marksman.

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So don't forget to do this.

(3) It's not that hard to keep the toilet bowl spick-and-span

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(4) Oh yes, and don't forget to flush.

To all public-toilet users:

Please keep in mind that the toilet does not belong to you, so please refrain from leaving your excretion and your pee, in part or in whole, on/in the toilet bowls. It's very unhygienic and incredibly disgusting. At the same time, it reflects very badly on your character and upbringing. And if you have a bad aim, please do remember to clean up after yourself. It's the least you could do to help keep the toilet clean for the next user.

Thank you.

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