Monday, June 06, 2005

The Day I Found Out

Whoa. Almost one month never blogged liao. Woohoo! Ok, here goes:

The past month...

I've been having a great time in school, except for the days when I forget to bring my tutorials AND have to complete it within the same day (it only happened twice. But still... Urgh! *slaps self*) I guess through these 3 months, I've made really good friends in school, with my classmates in particular. I realised that my past 4 years in Cat High wasn't as fufilling as I thought it was. How many true friends did I make? I have no idea.
I don't mean to compare but in my current class, everybody is so together. I can actually feel our class spirit when we're with each other (and that's a good thing, mind you), something which I have never experienced in my past 10 years of primary and secondary education. *sigh*

I miss my MI clique.

In May, me and Marcus too part in some funcky school singing competition. After 3 rounds (1st round: judging, 2nd & 3rd round: voting), we came out 2nd. Not bad for Year Ones (we were the only people from J1 to make it to the finals *head swells*). Yay...
At least they gave us $50 HMV vouchers. Cat High CHMA? Two plastic "trophies". Did I mention that we got Artiste Management after the competition as well? Yes, and that too. How cool is that?

This months so far...

I just got home on Sunday night for a 30 Hour Famine Camp organised by World Vision over the weekend. No food for 30 hours. I thought I'd die but I made it through eventually. Three cheers for meeee!!! Whee!!! Well, what don't kill you only makes you stronger, eh? Haha... *sings I Will Survive*

We had some lessons during the hols and today was my final lecture (Geography). I got back my results of the term test and surprisingly, I passed with acceptable results! Wow... I might be going tomeither Hong Kong, Chiang Mai or Hanoi next week. Dunno if I can get air tickets at this time though. Hmmm...

Quote of the Day: I'm flawed; But flaws make me human.

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