Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Day I Diss SPG

What's wrong with Singaporean men?
Apparently, everything.

I've been rather ticked off and disgusted by SPG's blog hoo-hah. Sure, caucasian men are better... All the better to do it with them, innit? All the money, all the gifts.. Let's see, how shall I diss sarong party girls? Hmmm... Let me put myself in an SPB's (Sarong Party Boy) shoes...
(No offense to my Asian girl friends, if any of you are reading this. I'm typing this in spite and parody.)

Why Caucasian Women Are Better

1) They can carry off street and punk wear. Asian girls do that and look like sluts. Either that or they look lian.

2) They are better in bed. Bigger boobs (usually). Woo hoo!!!

3) They tend to be more beautiful than Asian girls, even without make-up. All that fair skin... *swoons*

Now now... How would you feel if you were an Asian girl and you read that? Just imagine how Asian men feel when they read about their degraded selves on SPG's blog.

[For the disgusting article on "Why White Men?", try]

I just want to add that SPG's comments on Singaporean men are absolutely stereotypical and extreme, baseless concepts.
I feel much better already...

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