Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Day I Revamped My Blog

New post in the new blog layout!
Isn't it much nicer looking now? The whole yaoi thing was beginning to get boooring. And I managed to figure out the whole html code myself! Am I good or what?
Ok, html stuff may be simple to some people, but I'm a newbie to it. So by achieving this feat, I think I deserve a pat on my back. *pat's my own back*

The past week has been pretty slooow. I've been home doing my revision most of the week.
The only exciting things that happened were on Monday and Tuesday.

My dear friend, K, attempted suicide due to a broken heart. Long story short, after I found out what happened, I rushed over to his place, talked things through with him and stayed the night to make sure he'd be fine, and left the next morning. Last I heard, he's back to normal and is doing well with his girlfriend. K, if you're reading this, I hope you're ok. ;)

After leaving K's place (with roughly 1.5 hours of sleep), I got home, changed, and left for Sentosa. Long story short (yes, again), we celebrated Joon Yee's (my current classmate) birthday with a game of volleyball and kayaking at Siloso beach. Pity the Sun didn't come out. Nevertheless, we had fun.

To summarise my whole week, one word'll be enough:

Shall add my comments on the overrated SPG's (Sarong Party Girl) blog and other trivial matters tomorrow. Haha. Stay tuned. :)

Emma Frost aka White Queen:
"Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker'll have to tongue kiss before mutants get any limelight."

Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat:
"Why do you insist on saying things I cannot unhear?"

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