Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Day I Celebrate Mothers' Day

Been pretty busy lately so haven't been posting much on my blog, so I sincerely apologise to whoever reads my blog on a frequent basis. I'll try to update it daily as much as I can.

This Past Week...

Ok, been having a pretty interesting week thus far. Met up with my parent's friend (wife of my mum's late ex-boss) on Monday night for dinner at the Jade Room at Fullerton Hotel. It's a lovely place (but I prefer Club Chinois). The food was great, but I regretted taking a 6 course meal. Bloody filling , if I may add. Oh well, at least the food was really good.

Really really good. Haha...

After dinner, we went on for a little stroll by the Marina Bay. I completely dig the night view of the Merlion! It's just so romantic. I wish I was there with someone I loved. But oh well, my parents were there. They'd just ruin it all I guess. Heh.

Nothing really interesting happened through the week, besides my GP, Lit and Econs tests. Then yesterday, I decided to make lunch for my Dad, since Mum was away in KL with some of her ex-colleagues (and the ex-boss' wife), doing some visiting. Long story there so I shan't elaborate. I made pasta (which turned out pretty well, except for the sourness. Gotta work on that...

RW came over for lunch as well cos I asked him to accompany me to go and get my Mothers' Day present and he needed to get his anyway, so that was it. After lunch, we took a bus to Orchard and walked around a bit.

In the end, we were doing window-shopping instead of searching for the "perfect Mothers' Day gift".

Needless to say, we got back on track, met two of his friends along the way, bumped into familiar people, bought the Mothers' Cay gift and had a good time (not so much of a good time cos his friends were pretty anti-social but I guess it was ok).

Mothers' Day
Today was a pretty fun day. Got the kids to do the dance for their mums, made new friends with a few of my kid's mums, gave my mum her Mothers' Day gift, mt up with a few of my ex-classmates and teachers for tea at Chomp Chomp, had a Mothers' Day dinner at Club Chinois (yes, with the same Dutch lady), borrowed 21 CD's from my bf (best friend) and lent my bf 1 cd (not fair right? Haha...), got home and started blogging (while ripping the cd's).


Don't bitch about life; Take it as it is.

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