Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Born This Way Hay

This crazy bitch.

Don't you think you're taking the whole "born this way" schtick a little too literally with the egg metaphor? I personally found it rather tasteless and blah. You're Lady Gaga for goodness sakes. Try harder. I was half expecting you to emerge in a velociraptor/Godzilla baby suit, but you came out with a pink ponytail, some shoulder horns and an egg yolk(?) hat. You went to the MTV VMAs in a meat dress and this is the best you can do? Wow. I think your knack for gimmicks may have run its course. If you wanna do something, go all the way. Don't be a tease, like how Britney Spears is with the daily, 5-8 second long "teaser" clips of her Hold It Against Me music video; IT'S ANNOYING AND HAS ACTUALLY KILLED ANY SEMBLANCE OF EXCITEMENT I HAD ABOUT THE VIDEO. I digress. Back to Gaga.

I'm sure by now most people have compared Gaga's Born This Way to Madge's Express Yourself a million times and more (Madge's people even uploaded her 1989 clip of Express Yourself to YouTube right after the debacle started, hur hur - see this), so I shall not talk about it further. Here's what I gotta say about the song though: you don't declare your song an anthem until the people decide to crown it so. It's really contrived and unnecessary. Oh, and PS: Asians don't like to be called "orient"; it's derogatory and very offensive. Just FYI. The next time you spend 10 minutes writing a song (which she apparently did, see this), double check on your language; you're a role model after all.

On the bright side, this song marks Gaga's sort-of departure from her dark era of Bad Romances and Alejandros. In some ways, it reminds me of Michael Jackson's Black or White, in the sense that it tries to encourage people to look away from their differences and embrace diversity because "baby I was born this way". It feels like a good middle ground between her The Fame and The Fame Monster era. I do miss the good ole days of her singing about dancing and poker faces though. She was so much more fun back then.

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