Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Day I Went to Marché

I went back to camp on Monday and was pleasantly surprised that I would be on off today till Friday. Left camp this morning and sent mum off to the airport. After that, I met up with my Dragonboat buddy Kok Wei for lunch.

We walked around Vivo for a long while before settling for Marché, which I've never been to. Ok, I wasn't exactly new to the whole "Swiss marketplace dining" experience becasue I've been to V'llagé, but I must admit that Marché serves a better selection of cuisine, albeit being uncannily similar to the Heeren clone.

The two partners in crime. He's a bottomless pit. I'm pretty sure he can eat more than a cow (no offense haha).

Our very delectable lunch. I had Rösti with garlic pork sausages, which was really tasty because cheesy potatoes (Rösti) + sour cream + salty, peppery sausages = burst of exciting flavours. Mmmm mm. Kok Wei had grilled stuffed pork with a side of mash and gravy and we shared some seafood Spanish rice (forgot what it's called) and stir-fried vegetables.

We decided to milk the trademark Marché cows after lunch as a form of exercise.

It was pretty fun hanging out with Kok Wei outside of training. It's hard enough to find a friend you can connect with, much less one who also has a listening ear. Anyways, we've got a physical test coming up this Sunday before training. Whoooo~~~ Should be fun.

Will try to update again tomorrow. Ciao!

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