Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Day I Talk About CNY 2008

I'm feeling really emo today and I don't know why. Must be the lack of sleep. Yes, that's it.

The time of the year has come again where little children are the happiest people in the world while their parents fret about moolah and formalities. Yes, the Lunar New Year descended on us early this year and I'm here to talk all about it.

Back in the day when we were mindless little spawns of our parents, the Lunar New Year meant lots of candy and a bountiful heap of cash in little red packets. Now, it's just one of the seasons in a year. I guess the childhood allure that the celebrations once had for me has been lost along the way while growing up.

The only good thing about CNY is probably the gathering of relatives that we seldom get to meet due to our time constraints at school and work. It's always nice to sit down and talk with a long-forgotten (ok, maybe not long forgotten, but almost) relative. That and the ang pao's, of course. Even though money can't buy me happiness, it can buy me a whole lot of stuff to make me happy. Heh. Hehe.

I was pretty sad this year though, cos I realized that it's probably the last CNY I'll be celebrating in Singapore for at least the next 4 years. Ah well. 人生无不散自之宴席; People come and go. And I just happen to be the one who will be going away.

I shall make full use of what's left of my time in Singapore and not leave with any regrets.

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